What is a Crazy Bageler?

Crazy Bageler |ˈkrāzē ˈbāgəler| noun

(pl. Crazy Bagelers)

  1. a person who is extremely enthusiastic about Sweet Note Bagels
    • I’m a crazy bageler
  2. one who craves Sweet Note Bagels 24/7, 365 (and 366 on the leap year)
    • I’m becoming a crazy bageler; all I want is Sweet Note all day, every day!
  3. someone who doesn’t accept a bagel of lesser quality
    • No, I will not have that bagel unless it’s Sweet Note, I’m a crazy bageler!

Our love and support from our Crazy Bagelers is what keeps us going! We are so thankful that we have a community of people that are just as CRAZY about our bagels as we are!