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Guest Post: Easy Flavored Cream Cheese with Celiac Chef, Melissa Bess Reed!

Sometimes all we need is a good ol’ bagel and cream cheese. We partnered up with Celiac Chef, Melissa Bess Reed, to whip up an easy (not to mention delicious) cream cheese recipe that pairs well with EVERYTHING! #punpossiblyintended ūüėČ Melissa is a Personal Chef based out of Ventura, California. She is also a¬†Sous Chef […]



On July 19th in 2012 I finally, after 2 months and 15 tries, created the Sweet Note gluten-free bagel recipe. A few weeks ago we celebrated our 2 year anniversary at our newest partner, Di Bruno Bros, whom I have also been trying to work with since that day 2 years ago (YAY! Love when […]