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The Cashew Catch

When you think of someone having a “food allergy,” the first thought that comes to one’s mind is an issue with peanuts. Although peanuts are the most common food allergen (followed by milk and then shellfish), cashew reactions are seemingly on the rise. There are a few theories as to why this may be. One […]


Milk – Not Needed to do a Body Good

Eliminating foods from your diet can be tough for a multitude of reasons. Some foods are harder than others to let go of because we worry that our diet will be lacking. For many, milk and dairy products are seen as the poster child of calcium for generations. We are expected to have a glass […]

bagel balancing

The Who, What and WHY of Sweet Note

We believe that being authentic and creating allergen-free food with integrity empowers others AND inspires change. Motivated by her own family members who were diagnosed with celiac disease, Michelle MacDonald was on a mission to recreate their favorite food to accommodate not just a gluten-free diet, but an allergen-free one as well. By successfully recreating the […]